Things To Do When It’s Cold To Go Outside

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Yup, it’s 35 degrees in New York, and the temperature will continue to drop below freezing this winter. Here are some fun things to do when it’s too cold to go outside.

1. Watch Movies

My hubby and I love to check out the thousands of films streaming in Amazon Prime. Here’s a list of a few movies we’ve enjoyed watching (links to trailers).



2. Bake Somethin’ Good

Muffins, cakes, cookies – I’m planning to make delicious treats for hubby this season. Sharing with you these sweet recipes to bake and enjoy with your favorite tea or coffee.


3. Snuggle, TV, Hot Chocolate

It’s nice to be in your PJ’s, snuggle on the sofa, watch your favorite tv show, and sip a delicious hot chocolate (topped with shavings of more chocolate, marshmallows, and a dollop of whipped cream). Mmmm… If you’re looking for creative twists to your hot chocolate, check out these blogs for more yummy ideas!



4. Read & Learn

I can be in Italy, France, Greece, and anywhere in the world just by reading my favorite travel blogs. Of course, nothing beats the experience of visiting these countries, but for now, I’m happy to learn about these places online. The internet is a treasure trove of information. It made it easy for us to purchase ebooks or search for various topics we’re interested in. Here are some of my go-to blogs when I’m looking for inspiration or tips on fashion, beauty, food, money, and travel.


5. Sweat It Out

If I just sit on the sofa, watch tv, drink hot chocolate, and eat baked goodies – I’ll be gaining a lot of weight in no time. Thus, I try to follow a good exercise routine. You’ll find a lot of fun aerobics workout on YouTube, or you can just play your favorite music and DANCE!



So, what do you like to do when it’s too cold outside? Any fun ideas? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!






  1. I love staying in on these cold days and just relax, I’ve been watching quite a few Christmas movies to get into the spirit of things! I’ve heard so many good things about crazy rich Asians will need to give that a watch x

  2. I made some gingerbread a couple of days ago which I was really proud of. Baking is a lot of fun around this time of year. Banana choc chip muffins sound really good right about now! Searching is such a good movie! I remember I saw it in the cinema with my friends and we both loved it so much!

  3. I love how there are so many things to do, even when it is cold outside. YESSS On Crazy Rich Asians!! Such a good movie. Oooh, I am digging the idea of snuggling up, haha. Workouts are the best – especially when you want to burn off the holiday calories. Merry Christmas ♥

    Nancy ♥

  4. My wife and I do all of the things you listed except for reading and exercising, haha! Hopefully I’m getting enough exercise and reading just by the routines I have at work.

    1. Haha…. I do a lot of walking and sometimes running at work too, but I’ve been baking and eating a lot! So, I’ve gained a few pounds already. Got to exercise and get ready for summer:)

  5. These are all great suggestions. I do a lot of them over the course of the winter. I think baking is my favorite because it not only warms the house but gives you something delicious in the end.

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