Steadfast Love

I was looking for photos to upload for my Instagram and I found this picture from my files. The clouds, the cross, and the towers that seem to reach up towards the skies stirred my soul. The photo reminded me that despite the dark clouds, God’s light will shine in the darkness. In the midst […]

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Two weeks ago, the fertility doctor told me that I only have about a 2% chance of having a successful pregnancy. I already had three miscarriages, and my husband and I are starting to give up all hope of having our baby someday. How did I cope? I read stories of women going through this […]

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My husband took this picture some years ago. I can’t help but remember those days we would go to church and pour out our hearts to God. Just like an old tree – our soul was dying. We were facing a lot of challenges, and we were both tired and weary. God was our refuge during […]

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