Food & Love: Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

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Welcome to Food & Love! I started this series to document my culinary journey as I try to improve my kitchen skills. I’ll be sharing with you some quick and easy recipes. I’ll try to cook or bake these recipes, and hopefully make something edible for my hubby.


Cooking is Love made edible


I’m so happy to share with you that today I made my first successful Dutch Apple Pie!

I said “successful” because I tried making one a few weeks ago, but it was a disaster. I’m new to baking, and I guess I’ll be making a lot of mistakes along the way. The good thing is I’ve learned from it, and I’d like to share with you what I did.


1. Recipe

My friend has been using this Betty Crocker recipe for years. I decided to skip making the crust and used Pillsbury Pie Crust instead.


2. Apples

The recipe suggests using crisp and tartly-sweet apples such as Empire, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Braeburn, and Cortland. The last time I made the pie, I used 4 cups of Empire apples. I thought there was too much filling. Big mistake! The pie came out really thin, and I wasn’t happy with the result. This time, I used 6 cups of Empire apples.




I also made sure to cut the apples correctly. If you’re a newbie to baking, click the link to learn How to Slice Apples for Pie.


3. Streusel

I love Dutch apple pies because of the crunchy sweet streusel topping. I’ve read the recipe, but I still have no clue to what I’ll be doing. So, thanks to YouTube, I found this Basic Streusel Crumb Topping Recipe video.

Finally, after using different resources this time… tadaaa… a delicious homemade Dutch apple pie!


Dutch Apple Pie


Thank you so much for reading and following me on this culinary journey. If you have any tips or suggestions for baking apple pies, please share in the comments below. What apples are you using? Any additional ingredients you can suggest? Feel free to share your apple pie recipe links too. I’d love to hear and learn more from you!


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