I ❤️ NY: Albany Tulip Festival

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!

It’s a beautiful day here in Albany, New York. My hubby and I decided to go to the Annual Tulip Festival at Washington Park today. The festival celebrates the city’s rich Dutch heritage.

The Tulip Fest is held every spring during Mother’s Day weekend in May. It’s one of my favorite events — more than a 100,000 tulips of different varieties are blooming around the park!


Tulip Festival


Tulip Festival


The flowers are not the only reason why we come to the festival. We are also here for the food, arts & crafts exhibit, and live music.


Albany NY Tulip Festival


Albany NY Tulip Festival


I guess we will be here at the park for a few more hours to listen to the band and eat some more — Philly cheese steak, Quesadillas, Gyro, and Chicken BBQ. There are so many options!

For more info about the Tulip Festival, please click here.

Till next time and thank you so much for reading.

By the way, tell me more about your favorite festival in your city. Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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Albany NY Tulip Festival


  1. such a beautiful photos:) The flowers and the blue sky really warm up the heart. My favourite festival in Copenhagen is ” Copenhagen Cooking” where I can taste many different restaurants at a fraction of their normal price. Also “Culture Night” where the city best secret attractions open from 6pm – 12pm and I can enter all the sights with only one price. Perfect:)

    1. ”Copenhagen Cooking” I would love to go to that one. My husband and I are foodies so this really sounds like a great festival! ” Culture Night” sounds fun too – being able to save and check out all the sights. Thank you so much for sharing😊

      1. Still saving for that dream Europe vacation someday. You’re so kind to offer to show us around, will let you know if we will be able to visit Copenhagen someday:) Thanks😊

      2. You are welcome. Before blogging here, we joined a travbuddy where people write their travels experience and meet with other traveller all over the world. Unfortunately our beloved site was closed down and we could not find any site we like, therefore we start our own blogs. We hope to share our travel stories with like minded people and hopefully one day can meet up and chat in person:)

      3. That would be great to meet you both someday. I just started blogging to document our life and travels here in the US and hopefully in other parts of the world someday. Do you have twitter or Instagram? I can follow you from there too😊

      4. yes, likewise. Your blogs look really nice and interesting. I enjoy reading it. Anyway, instagram and twitter are both under the name of frejatravels. it is link from the blog directly. I actually new to both the social networks. ha..ha.. I was a dinosaurus until last week:) I still don’t know how to use twitter. have a fantastic day. at least summer is here:)

      5. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I just followed you on twitter and IG. I”m new to twitter too and still learning the ropes. There”s a lot of travel bloggers there too. Have a great day ahead and yes thank God for this beautiful weather😊

      6. thanks for following us. I think we are following you as well. is that right? Yep. I still don’t know about the twitter, i put autmatically from the blog, but I could not see it on the front page. do you know how to check the front page on twitter? thanks

      7. Hi there, yes we follow each other now in IG. I”m not sure if I followed your correct account in twitter because there’s no profile photo. I”m still working on putting the links from my blog to Twitter and IG😊

      8. opss… my mistake. I can’t find the twitter bar on the wordpress. What I did is, click on twitter button at the bottom of the stories and then send twitt to your twitter account. thats it. Hope that help:)

      9. For instagram. you go to customize on your website. and go to widget . choose where do you want to put the instagram, “on side bar or footnote”, then add the instagram. It will appear on your website.

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