A Quick Tour: Albany, New York

Albany is the capital of New York State. It is around 147 miles from Manhattan — a two and a half hours drive. You can also take the train from New York Penn Station or fly from one of the major airports.

I’ve lived in this city for almost three years, but I hadn’t explored the area until last year when my husband arrived. It’s his first time in Albany, so we played tourists and walked around the historic district. We found nice places to eat and drink in Lark Street — one of the entertainment areas in the city. We also took a Dutch Apple Cruise on the scenic Hudson River.

Sharing with you some of our photos…


The Empire State Plaza and NY State Capitol
The Empire State Plaza and NY State Capitol



Tulip Festival at Washington Park



Boats at the Hudson River

What’s your favorite place in your city? Why do you like it? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


— What & Where —

Albany Events (Tulip Festival & More)

Dutch Apple Cruises

Empire State Plaza and NY State Capitol

Lark Street (Restaurants & More)


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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit New York, so it’s so lovely seeing these pictures 🙂 As for where I’m from, living in Honolulu where it’s mainly buildings, the city & different building structures interest me. However, it’s always so relaxing to go away from the city & drive to the country sides of the island. I especially enjoy all the food trucks selling shrimp & the food stands selling sweet mangos & cold coconuts because it’s definitely something you don’t get to see in the city!

    1. You’re so lucky to live in Honolulu! It’s a gateway to a lot of lovely places in Hawaii. I was there a few years ago, and I can’t wait to come back.😊

    1. Thank you for reading. My husband and I are excited to exlore more places this spring/summer. And, yes we’ll definitely share more photos.

  2. I love your post! You captured the city’s beauty in your photos! It’s good to see the city in its different angles and to realize the various interesting activities you can enjoy in the capital district area. Not to mention that driving is a breeze from this place to various gorgeous destinations in the Northeast Region! ❤️

  3. Hi there, thanks for reading. There are a lot of places we need to discover in the Northeast Region. Spring/Summer is here— let us know if you have travel plans. We would love to join you on your next trip😊

    1. It would be nice if you visit during the annual Tulip Festival at Washington Park. The park is also near Lark St, Empire State Plaza, and NY State Capitol. The cruise season starts around April through the end of October. I just added a What & Where section for more info. Feel free to email me too:)

    1. It’s not as vibrant as New York City but it’s rich with history. Try to visit during the next Tulip Festival – pls check out the What & Where links for more info😊

    1. It’s not as vibrant as NYC and some people are surprised to learn that Albany is actually the capital of New York. It is a city steeped in history and it was fun exploring the various places. So glad you stopped by my page. Thanks a lot. 😊

  4. You can take the train from NYC Penn Station early morning, explore Albany, and take the train back to NYC in the afternoon if you don’t want to stay overnight. It’s nice to visit Albany during the Tulip Festival in May. The festival is held in Washington Park which is also near the places mentioned in this post.

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