3 Reasons Why I Love Spring

Every season has it’s own perks, but spring just makes my heart sing. Here are the reasons why I LOVE spring so much!


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1. Cherry Blossoms & Tulips

Cherry blossoms were blooming on my wedding day. The sight of these flowers reminds me of that special moment in my life. A few weeks ago, I saw these beautiful cherry blossoms. And it really brightened my day!


Cherry blossoms


Tulips are amongst my favorite spring flowers. I love that they come in different varieties and colors. The 2020Β  Albany Tulip Festival at Washington Park was canceled due to the pandemic. I took these photos during a nice afternoon walk last weekend. One thing is for sure, COVID-19 can’t stop these vibrant flowers from blossoming!





2. Spring Dresses

I love to wear various outfits for spring, but I guess dresses are my ultimate favorite. This lovely off-the-shoulder dress has all the spring feels and just makes me so happy.



Dress | NY & Company


3. Travel Time

I don’t like traveling during the snow and sleet season. Springtime signals travel time for me. Once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to travel, I’m thinking of visiting NYC again. I was looking online for fun stuff to do in the Big City and found these out of the ordinary tours at Viator.

Sex and the City Hotspots Tour

Description: Follow in the fancy footsteps of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda on a ‘Sex and the City’ tour! You’ll conquer New York City and drink where the girls drink, shop where they shop, and gossip where they gossip.

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour

Description: Embark on this 4.5-hour bus tour with a local guide and discover Brooklyn from one end to the other while eating pizza. You will be visiting two pizzerias as well as some popular landmarks of Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Bridge


I’m leaning towards booking the Sex & the City tour. But, my husband likes the Brooklyn Pizza tour better. Hmmm…what do you think? Which one would you rather do?

Anyway, tell me one thing you like about spring. Feel free to share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely weekend!




  1. I am with you about loving spring! Awww, you picked the perfect time to have your wedding. You can never go wrong with flowers blooming. I am so bummed out that I couldn’t go to the flower field this year. I love your spring dresses! Even though we can’t travel, we can make the most out of our current situation. Thanks for sharing your love for spring!

    Nancy β™₯ exquisitely.me

  2. Cherry blossoms and tulips scream spring to me! I have the tulips, but not the cherry blossoms so I make do with peach and apple and plum flowers. πŸ™‚

  3. I love spring too! Our tulips are starting to bloom now and the trees are getting leaves. I can’t wait to travel! If I were to pick I’d do the pizza tour! I love pizza. My husband says I have the taste of a 2 year old lol. Hope you can enjoy this spring season!

  4. As a gardener I have to say Spring is one of my favourite seasons too – we have some cherry trees and masses of tulips so I feel very lucky indeed! πŸ™‚ Lisa

  5. Loved your reasons for loving spring! I couldn’t agree more with the flowers. Tulips are some of my favorite flowers to have around in the house!

  6. This was so interesting as I always think of spring as being quite a nondescript season compared to the other three. I usually travel late summer/ early autumn rather than spring but I’m totally with you on the cherry blossom. I have a couple of trees opposite my house and they’re beautiful! x


  7. Nothing makes me feel as excited for Spring as Cherry Blossoms so I am so hyped to see it on your list. They are just beyond gorgeous! <3

  8. I always said that summer was my favourite season, just because it is the time of year where I get to travel. The sun is always shining, but since the lockdown, I have really come to appreciate how lovely spring is. The flowers are blooming and there’s a sense of new! Cherry blossom is just beautiful isn’t it?! Our lilac tree is blooming really well
    Loving the spring dresses, and would love to visit NYC.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  9. These are all awesome spring things! If I were going to do a tour of NYC (that wasn’t just based on memory lane), I’d probably lean Sex and the City because I love Manhattan… but then, I didn’t explore Brooklyn much when I lived there so that might be more interesting (but 4.5 hours sounds long!). Hope things get better so you can go soon. πŸ™‚

  10. Huge fan of spring myself! I have a cherry blossom tree in my yard and it makes me so happy when it finally blooms every year! ❀️

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