A Quick Tour: Boston, MA

Hi everyone!

My husband and I joined a one-day bus trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Our bus left Albany, NY at 7 am and arrived at 10 am in Boston. We only have 9 hours to explore the city, so we planned to visit Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall and the must-see places nearby.

1. Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall
Our first stop was Quincy Market located in downtown Boston. The building was the central market of the city since August 1826. It’s a nice place to shop and enjoy a selection of worldwide cuisine.


We walked outside the market and took photos of Faneuil Hall – also known as “The Cradle of Liberty.” It was built in 1742 and has served as a meeting hall for more than 270 years.img_6869

The statue of Samuel Adams stands behind the building. He was one of the patriots who organized the American Revolution and signed the Declaration of Independence.

2. The Old State House Museum/ Boston Massacre Site
We walked towards the Old State House Museum and Boston Massacre site. I saw these signs which relatively explained the history of this place.


The Boston Massacre
On March 5, 1770, in the street before you, nine British soldiers were confronted by an angry mob.

The soldiers did fire without orders and killed five of his Majesty’s good subjects….. How fatal are the effects of posting a standing army among a free people! – Samuel Adams

WITHIN THESE WALLS John Adams, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and other patriots debated the future of American self-government and set in motion the American Revolution.

Our time was limited, so we skipped the daily tours. However, I made sure to take a picture of the balcony – this is where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on July 18, 1776.

3. New England Holocaust Memorial
The six glass towers represent the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Each tower has an inscribed statement from some of the survivors.


Let me share with you one of the quotes that moved me to tears…….

When my parents were sent off to the camp, I gave my good shoes to my father because I thought he’d need them if he did physical labor. When I saw my mother for the last time, I hugged her and said I hoped she didn’t have to work too hard. I never dreamed they’d be dead within such a short time of their departure. – Jack Polack

4. Boston Harbor/New England Aquarium
It’s my hubby’s first time in Boston, so I wanted to show him one of my favorites – The Boston Harbor. Despite the rain, we enjoyed the relaxing view of the harbor.

The New England Aquarium is located right on the waterfront. I’ve been there before, and I knew it would take several hours to check out the various exhibits. We had a few hours left, so we decided to explore the aquarium on our next trip.



5. Trolley Tour
We took the City View Trolly Tour to learn more about Boston. If you’re not planning to hop on/hop off on each stop, the tour only takes 1 hour. The rain was pouring, so we stayed inside the trolly and listened to the tour guide as he showed us the different parts of the city.



Boston is a huge city and 9 hours is not enough. I mean you have to eat, drink, rest, and take some fun photos too.


We are definitely coming back to Boston!

If you’re planning to visit Boston, please check out the What & Where section for more info (tickets, cruises, sites. etc.) below.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

– What & Where –

1. Boston Harbor Cruises

2. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

3. New England Aquarium

4. New England Holocaust Memorial

5. Old State House




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38 thoughts on “A Quick Tour: Boston, MA

  1. wouw.. I really like the Quincy Market – soo many food there. I feel hungry just looking at the photos. The harbour looks very interesting to explore too. Glad you enjoyed the day exploration. Have a fantastic weekend:)

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    1. We spent most of our time eating in Quincy Market 😊 We will go back next time to try the Harbor Cruises. Despite the rain, we did enjoy our trip. Thanks for stopping by – have a great weekend!


      1. I visited it a while back with a friend. I remember walking the streets of Copley Place because my friend loved to shop and we had a few drinks by the Boston Harbor at night. We also visited Harvard and walked around its lovely campus. Boston just has this really nice old England vibe. I heard the Duck tour is not to be missed but we were only there for two days and didn’t manage to squeeze it in. 🙂

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  2. I love Boston – I have only been once, but I felt like the couple of days I spent there was hardly enough. There is so much in that City and I feel like I could easily spend another few days there seeing new things. Your post definitely makes me want to go back soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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